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Zynga Releases Hit it Rich! FarmVille 2 Social Slots Game

Following their Hit It Rich! Ted Slots Game Zynga have just released their new Hit it Rich! FarmVille 2 slots game on Facebook. Incorporating one of their biggest games into a social casino slots is another move towards blurring the lines between social gaming and social casino gambling which are increasingly intertwined.

With Hit it Rich! FarmVille 2 Slots offers players the chance to enjoy the best of two worlds and franchises that have made Zynga a global gaming power. Incorporating FarmVille 2 into a free-to-play casino slots game is a bold move in which Zynga hope to cash in on both fan bases which together enjoy over 750 million global players.

All our favorite farm and bundles are brought to life on the slot reels where you get to experience bonus games and challenges that offer you the opportunity to grow crops for extra spins and coins. The animation on the reels is true to the FarmVille 2 franchise and you almost forget you are playing a social slots game.

Zynga are one of those enigmas in the gaming and gambling world. Their crazy ride since their IPO launch in 2011 never ceases to be a model of what to do and what not to do to succeed in the gaming world. They still have yet to decide if they are a gaming developer who feature social casino themed games as a secondary product or are solely interested in returning to their basics as a gaming powerhouse.

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