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Zynga Poker Gets Major Overhaul On Mobile

Only a few years ago you could have named the number of social casino company’s on one hand. Since then there are social casino startups sprouting up everywhere. While Zynga were the biggest only a few years ago they now trail behind Caesars’ Playtika and IGT’s Double Down. Even though Zynga have fallen from their number one spot their Zynga Poker is still one of the top free-to-play casino apps with over 350 million downloads and millions of daily users. It is no secret that former CEO and Founder Mark Zynga admitted to making a fatal strategic error when building Zynga. He admitted to having been too reliant on Facebook while not investing enough resources in the mobile market.

The challenges of Zynga are well documented in out many posts but they seem to be on somewhat of a recovery from their $10 IPO launch. Currently they are making bold moves and the share price has recovered to trade over $5. At an all-time low the share price was trading under $4  .Zynga’s new CEO Don Mattrick has been optimistic from the get go when he replaced founder Mark Zynga.

The latest bold move by Zynga is to change the interface of their top app Zynga Poker on mobile. Instead of the cartoon like graphics we are accustomed to from the social gaming giant, there will be real photos aimed at creating an “immersive” social gameplay. Zynga have decided to undertake the changes in response to customer’s demands who want to get the feel of being in a real life casino.

With the new mobile game your playing experience will be faster and it adapts to your skill levels, patterns and gaming preferences. The mobile game is aimed at transporting you to a casino floor which is helped by graphics packed with gold and red as well as dynamic audio.

The man responsive for the revamped Poker Mobile app is Nick Giovanello who explained the thinking behind the game, Poker is a 200-year-old game,” Giovanello said in a chat at Zynga’s headquarters in San Francisco. “How do you reinvent that experience? We wanted to create an app that was rearchitected for mobile and reimagined. It’s not trivial to do that.”

Zynga Poker has been around since 2007 and is regarded by many as the inspiration for other social gaming companies joining the party. Many online gambling companies like Caesars with Playtika and IGT with Double Down have realized the importance of having a social gaming subsidiary for their overall gaming strategy. It remains to be seems if this latest gamble by Zynga will pay off or send them back to losing ways.

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