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Zynga Accuses Two Former Employees Of Stealing Sensitive Data

Social gaming giant Zynga is suing two senior former employees who are accused of stealing confidential information and taking it to their new employers.

Massimo Maietti and Ehud Barlach were senior Zynga employees who left in July and September this year to rival social gaming startup Scopely who are known for their Wheel of Fortune free Play and Dice with Buddies titles. Zynga is accusing the two of taking large amounts of private data with them from Zynga. In addition they are also accused of recruiting former colleagues to jump ship and join them at Scopely.

Zynga has carried out forensic examinations of the pair’s activities and said that Maietti used a Google chrome browser on this Zynga issued laptop to access a Zynga Google Drive account where he downloaded folders to an externa USB device. Over 20,000 files and folders were found in Maietti’s trash in an effort supposedly to cover his tracks.

Barlach is accused of similar data copying violations and also acting as an advisor to Scopely recruiters on which staff to recruit and target from Zynga. A response from Zynga was nor forthcoming but Scopely recruiter Christina Dunbar said,” “Thanks!! I was saving that for your first day! LOL I would be happy to hear about anyone you think I should be trying to speak with. Obviously I know you have that clause about not taking people so I am always careful. :-)”

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