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Youbetme Planning To Grow Social Betting Platform

Legalized gambling is still widely restricted in most parts of the globe. While the UK enjoys the reputation for being the most liberal online gambling market, there are markets like the U.S. which are opening up gradually. While being legal in only three U.S. states online gambling is being offered in the way of social betting.

Social gaming or free-to-play betting is filling the void in countries which frown upon real money gambling. Whether you are sports betting fan, poker player or casino patron there are no shortage of legal free-to-play version of online sites that emulate the real thing. Whether it be Bitcoin casinos or social sports betting sites, the chance to engage in what many consider a harmless hobby are plentiful.

We reported on the growing fantasy sports betting sites which seem to be growing by the day. There is a  newish player on the market  called Youbetme which has been around since 2014. They offer the best of two worlds. Their basic idea is that they offer a platform where people can bridge the gap between shaking hands with friends and making sure they pay up. While sports betting of course is a big part of Youbetme they also offer social bets on anything from who can make out with the hot girl at the bar to how many burgers you can eat in a minute.

In an interview with Forbes magazine earlier this year, CEO of Youbetme Jason Neubauer said that he believes that “betting between individuals is as socially bonding today as it used to be in glory days.” In another interesting piece of information Youbetme released their own data which shows that more than half of their bets made on their platform are for beer wagers and 18 percent are for “sexual favours.” As part of their plams to expand, Youbetme is planning to release an Android version of their platform in October.

The growing debate of the real intentions of social gaming startups like Youbetme  is still highly controversial as many critics believe that the sole purpose of these social gaming companies is to acquire a loyal base of players that can be converted into real money players when legally possible to do so.

An article earlier in the year in the Independent gives one food for thought on the issue of gambling. There British journalist Jeffrey Bernard makes an astute observation on the UK’s betting shops,” “You’ll see three windows marked ‘Bet Here’, but only one window with the legend ‘Pay Out’.”

Whether authorities will clampdown on social betting sites remains to be seen but all the indicators are that there is no stopping the phenomenon as we seem to report on new social betting ventures on a weekly basis.

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