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Woolworths Admits To Liquoring Up Gamblers To Keep Them Playing

Our regular readers will be well aware that Australians are the biggest gamblers on the planet so it comes as no surprise that gaming companies will do just about anything to maintain this status quo. After whistleblowers aired allegations earlier this year, Woolworths has admitted to using dubious operating methods to ensure their cash paying customers continue to lose their money.

The company confirmed that high value gambling players were often plied with liquor to keep them spinning on the pokie machines. In addition they also admitted that personal details were kept about the regular customers in order to ensure that revenues were boosted.

This data according to insiders included everything that the from gamblers’ favorite football team to their playing times. This sensitive information was then shared across the company’s 400 pubs.

This behavior has been described by whistleblowers as “unethical and predatory.” Details of the investigation were confirmed on Monday in a statement from the ALH which is owned by Woolworths.  The ALH said in a statement that employees recording descriptive information about gamblers was contrary to their polices and fell below ALH’s expectations.

Following the investigation various employees have been fired and ALH has vowed to implement a range of measures that include enhanced staff training.

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