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William Hill Under Fire For Encouraging Punters To Play FOBTs Before The Crackdown

It seems that the controversy surrounding fixed odds betting terminals or FOBTs will not go away. As we reported the latest reprieve given by the government in the form of a delay in the proposed maximum stakes to bookmakers has got many up in arms.

In effect the maximum wager reduction from £100 to £2 has bene delayed till 2020 after sustained pressure on the government from bookmakers.  Following this you would think that the bookmakers like William Hill who rely heavily on these cash making machines would keep a low profile and thank their lucky starts for the delay in the implementation of the restrictions. Well think again as they have once again caused a stir as they sent out an email to punters reminding them tem to gamble before the government limit comes into play.

A report in the Times accused William Hill of trying to further exploit players to part with their money on FOBTs with a friendly reminder by employees to remind punters that the £100 pound option is till available.

The email was apparently sent following overall weaker gaming performance by William Hill following the government’s announcement of the reduction of the FOBT maximum stakes to £2.

William Hill collected revenues o £913.1 million in 2017 from their estimated 2,340 betting shops across the UK.

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