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William Hill Taken Down By DDoS Attack

The real dangers of DDoS attacks to online gambling sites has been covered by our team extensively in earlier reports. Whether it be for financial gain or political reasons, the threat is real as was felt by William Hill this week.

William Hill confirmed that they were a victim to a DDoS attack on Tuesday that took down their website on the eve of the UEFA Champion’s League matches involving Manchester United and Arsenal. The timing of a cyber attack is usually ahead of a prominent sporting event with the alleged attackers often blackmailing the online operator beforehand to payup or suffer the consequences of having their site down for business at peak times.

William hill described the cyberattack as “sophisticated” and prevented the site from loading properly. It is suspected that the DDoS attack was the work of the Mirai botnet which is considered one of the deadliest DDoS viruses in recent memory which also took out major servers of tech company Dyn that control major portions of the internet’s DNS infrastructure.

Estimates are the downtime could have cost William Hill over $4,4 million for the 24 hour disruption. In a statement they said,” The online services of William Hill were intermittently impacted during the course of yesterday following distributed denial of service (DDoS) activity by third parties. “This follows a significant increase in DDoS activity experienced by a number of online companies over recent weeks. While the attempt at disruption is ongoing our technical teams were able to restore services last night. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.”

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