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Walt Disney In Talks With DraftKings Over Possible Venture

One of the most fiercely turf wars in the U.S. gaming world is that of the fantasy sports betting sector. The two powerhouses DraftKings and rival Fanduel are pulling out all the stops in order to gain the largest market share in this lucrative market.

We have reported extensively on both the acquisitions and strategic partnerships of both companies who seem to be adopting identical business plans. The latest move by DraftKings is definitely one of the more interesting maneuvers we have seem. According to reports in the New York Business Journal DraftKings are in talks with Walt Disney in regards to a possible venture investment that could push their value to over $1 billion.

It is important to point out that Walt Disney is the owner of sports broadcaster ESPN which claim to be the most viewed sports network. On the other hand Fanduel is tied to Comcast and NBC Sports who are investors.

Fanduel reportedly has a larger market share than their rivals Fanduel but DraftKings seem to have entered into highly visible partnerships in major sports including the NBA, NHL and recently the UFC. It remains to be seem which powerhouse will reign as top dog as both startups show no signs of slowing down in their marketing and acquisition efforts.

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