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U.S. Online Gambling Legalization Efforts Gets Boost From Police Organization

This week saw the much talked about attempt by Senators Graham and Chaffetz to federally ban online gambling with their Restoration of America’s Wire Act bill. With the backing of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson there is a feeling that the momentum to halt the expansion of online gambling in the U.S. might be getting somewhere. Whether it’s because anti online gambling campaigners like Sheldon Adelson have unlimited funds to drown the media in anti-internet gambling propaganda, it seems to harder to find positive press coverage on internet gambling in the U.S.

One such story positive angle is coming from the Fraternal Order of The Police. This organization has as its motto to improve the working conditions of law enforcement officers as well as those they serve via education, legislation, information and community involvement. It’s all about protecting officers and keeping citizens safer according to the organization.

Responding to the ongoing debate of legalizing online gambling, FOP president Chuck Canterbury voiced the same rationale that was used in the days of Prohibition. Canterbury unequivocally said he was against a ban on internet gambling. As it stands at the moment over 1 million Americans spend over $3 billion on black market gambling sites which are operated offshore. These websites have no measures that enable consumers to be protected which means online gamblers are exposed to criminals, unregulated gaming practices and worst of all no consumer protection.

Some of the main objections of Sheldon Adelson’s opposition to online gambling is that it will cause a rise in underage gambling. Canterbury was quick to point out that this is exactly why we need to adopt regulated online gambling like that which exists in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. All these states employ top of the line technology to eliminate the possibility of underage gambling through various age verification measures.

There is even evidence that illegal gambling operators might have ties with terrorist organizations and of course the underworld, Canterbury believes that the best solution to the online gambling debate is to allow states to offer online gambling within their borders with authorities being able to control and regulate the industry in a way that protects consumers. Revenues from legal online gambling are vital for law enforcement agencies and the lack of gambling revenues will directly mean less cops on the beat.

Given the choice online gamblers would prefer a regulated and safe option and would largely abandon black market operators which would mean less money for criminal enterprises. Finally Canterbury said that the best way to keep both law enforcement officers and citizens safer was to drive the illegal online gambling market into the light by creating a regulated and safer industry for all. We hope that rational voices like that of Canterbury will be heard amongst the well-funded anti online gambling campaigns we are all witnessing.

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