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UKGC Annual Report Shows 48% Of People Participated in Some Form Of Gambling

Latest report form the UKGC gives some interesting insights into the overall gambling sector in the UK. The survey was conducted with over 2000 people over the age of 18. The survey found that 48% of people said they have participated in one form of gambling in the last 4 weeks which is up 3% from 2015.

Of those men made up 53% and women 44%. Those most likely to be participating in gambling are aged between 35 and 64. Younger groups have seen a larger increase with 38% of 16-24 year olds and 48% of 25-34 year olds which is a 5% and 105 increase respectively from 2015.

The National Lottery draw remains the most popular gambling activity which is followed by scratch cards and other lotteries.

Over 17% of people have gambled online with laptops remaining the most popular devices. Tablets and mobile phones have increased with over 43% of online gamblers using their devices. Women are more likely to gamble with tablets and men with mobile phones.

When it comes to preference of where to gamble, 97% of online gamblers choose to play at home but younger players are more likely to gamble in work, while commuting or in a pub.

When it comes to in-play betting, 26% of online gamblers have wagered with the highest rates in the age groups of 18-24 year old.

On average online gamblers have around three accounts. In terms of responsible gambling, awareness of self-exclusion has increased amongst those that have never self- excluded to 37%.

The influence of social networks was also measured with 32% of online gamblers following a gambling company on a social media platform. Facebook is the most popular platform and rates are highest for ages 18-34. When it comes to influencing gamblers to spend, advertising is more likely to tempt gamblers than social media particularly in the ages of 18-24.

Bad news for the image of gambling in the UK as only 34% of people in Great Britain thinking gambling is fair and can be trusted. A whopping 39% of people associate gambling with criminal activity and 78% of people surveyed believe that there are too many opportunities for gambling now days.  69% believe that gambling endangers family life.

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