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UKGC Announces New “Consumer First” Regulations

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has had to deal with growing complaints and criticism that they are not doing enough to protect the interests of players from operators who do not put the consumer first.

Common complaints to the UKGC include anything from operators accused of misleading punters regarding what they are offering to delays in receiving payments from winnings.

Illegal sports betting and match fixing had featured prominently in the headlines as well. From pie eating goalkeepers to suspect substitutions in football, the UKGC is responsible for ensuring that all gambling activity is kept above board with no unfair advantage given to any operator.

Today the UKGC unveiled their latest enforcement strategy which followed a 12 week consultation period. The core of the new changes center around the UKGC’s policy of always putting the “Consumer first”.

Some of the measures included in the new policy include financial penalties which will ensure that the offender does not reap any financial gain from noncompliance. Furthermore the UKGC will ensure that the cost of noncompliance will be much higher than compliance.

Management will also have to account for their part in the breach and will have to provide answers in respect to what was done after they were made aware of the breach.

UKGC CEO Sarah Harrison made it clear that they would use their” full range of enforcement powers” to ensure that operators put customers first and raise standard. She went on to say that license review was also part of their enforcement measures if need be, and they will use their powers in a targeted way, She assured the public that the regulator will take “ robust and effective action” against operators who fall short of their regulatory obligations.

If anyone doubt the seriousness of the UKGC they only have to look at or recent report which involved online lottery firm Lottoland being slapped with a hefty £150k fine for misleading the public.

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