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Turkey To Continue Crackdown On Illegal Online Gambling Operators

Turkey is considered to be one of the largest grey markets for international gambling operators. The Turkish government is looking to tighten up on international online operators who according to Finance Minister Naci Agbal cause local Turkish punters to spend over $11.4 billion.

According to Agbal the Turkish government is planning to get as much money as possible from illegal online gambling operators. As part of the proposed crackdown Turkey announced it was planning a two year crackdown in July. Agbal says the government has authorized the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) to fight illegal gambling in conjunction with local banks.

Internet service providers will send messages to local punters informing them that their current activity is illegal. Agbal emphasized that the social aspect is much more important to the government that the financial aspect. He went on to say that young people are more prone to online gambling and that the government will do all they can to prevent them from gambling on unauthorized websites.

Agbal said that as part of their enforcement measures the government could  even confiscate the player’s bankroll. Big brother will also be watching as surveillance cameras at banks and ATM’s will be used to document individuals who engage in illegal gambling activity and that these images will even be forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office.

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