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Trump’s AG Nominee Could Could Reverse Online Gambling Legalization

The future of online gambling in the US remains uncertain despite the fact that President Elect Donald Trump been involved in the casino business for many years. Once again politics andcampaign financing are possibly set to influence decision makers plans to either expand or halt online gambling in the US.

President elect Donald Trump’s choice for Attorney General, Sen. Jeff Sessions dropped a bombshell before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sessions said that he will revisit the U.S. Department of Justice ruling in 2011 on the Wire Act that opened the way for legal online gambling in New Jersey. Responding to U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s questioning, Sessions stated that he would make a decision after carefully studying the Justice Department’s interpretation of the Wire Act.

Well worth noting that Sen. Lindsey Graham has been accused of being a puppet of Sheldon Adelson who has openly given millions of dollars to the Republican Party.

Sessions went on to tell Graham that he was shocked by the DOJ’s views that the 1961 Wire Act only prohibited online sports betting and did not apply to online gambling. He said he opposed it at the time and that it seemed unusual to him.

Needless to say Sheldon Adelson’s funded group , Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling said in a statement that they were,” encouraged by Sen. Sessions’ commitment to revisit the Obama administration’s overreach on Internet gambling and delighted to learn he was similarly shocked by their memorandum gutting the Wire Act.”

Should the interpretation of the DOJ on the Wire Act be changed this would in effect shutdown online gambling in the US but this is seen as unlikely.

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