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Trump Administration Backs NFL In Sports Betting Appeal

The ongoing legal battle for New Jersey to legalize sport betting in the Garden State has taken many twists and turns over the last few years. The U.S. Supreme Court decision in January gave a lot of hope to Gov. Chris Christie as they considered delaying a decision in order to hear what the Trump administration had to say on the matter.

Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall wrote in a 24-page brief essentially saying that New Jersey did not have a case. Wall’s brief filed with the Supreme Court supports the professional sports leagues in their opposition to not allow New Jersey to offer sports betting.

Wall said the New Jersey’s attempt to circumvent the federal ban on sports betting by repealing the state laws prohibiting it was “no different than a positive enactment authorizing such gambling,”

Gov. Chris Christie called the approach by the league hypocritical for opposing betting but allowing teams in Las Vegas.

Christie said in an interview with Bryant Gumbel, that the “ leagues no longer have the moral ground”. He pointed out that the Vegas Golden Knights started playing in the NHL and the NFL’s Oakland Raiders are moving to Vegas in 2019.

The American Gaming Association has urged the Supreme Court to hear the appeal despite the solicitor general’s recommendations.  Senior VP of public affairs Sara Slane said,” The 25-year-old ban on sports betting is fueling a thriving $150 billion illegal gambling market that deprives states of revenue that could instead pay for vital public services, such as education, infrastructure and law enforcement.”

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