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TouchSpin Gaming Releases Multiplayer Texas Reels Slots Game

It is always interesting to see what new social casino games are on offer. With over $2 billion generated last year in social gaming, this market is always exciting to follow as more and more new gaming developers are looking to capture this  growing target audience. The challenge for newcomers to the social casino market is to come up with an original concept that the competitors do not offer. One such company who think they have achieved this is TouchSpin Gaming.

They have just released their free-to-play multiplayer mobile slot game called Texas Reels. What makes Texas Reels unusual is the fact that TouchSpin’s Gaming platform allows up to six players to bet against each other in real time. Players get to play against each other on the same set of reels while getting the chance to pick up bonus games, powerups, scatters and levels. Currently Texas Reels is available on the iOS platform but is scheduled to be available on Android in selected markets.

CEO and Founder of TouchSpin Gaming, Sherman Sall elaborated on their new release,” Texas Reels represents an evolutionary step for casino games. We are bringing live, multiplayer excitement to slot games which have traditionally been very solitary experiences. Now you can bet against other players who see the same reels as you do. It’s a real game changer. With the TouchSpin Casino gaming platform, we bring the excitement of live Vegas table gaming to slots in your mobile device”.

TouchSpin Gaming’s claim to fame is that they endeavor to offer something different from the rest in that their mission is to “create inherently social, group dynamics around the slot game experience by developing unique new mechanics and compelling content”.

The company is made up of gaming veterans who include former CEO of 888 gaming Gigi Levy who said, ”I am thrilled to be involved with TouchSpin Gaming as it brings a new flavor to social casino games and represents the next evolution of the genre. Their unique approach and games, which are true social games, makes them an exciting company to follow. I think that Texas Reels and the games they have in the pipeline will attract a new audience into the social casino genre.”

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