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Tennis World Rocked By Match Fixing Scandal

Allegations of match fixing in sport is nothing new and tennis as often been in the headlines going way back to the famous “ battle of the sexes” tennis match between Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs. The estimates of illegal sports betting and match fixing are varied but estimates reach astronomical numbers and the temptation for sports players to take bribes are a growing issue.

The latest match fixing scandal is coming from Australia where the year’s opening Grand Slam is set to take place.

The alarming part of this latest scandal is that it involves an emerging 18 year old star Oliver Anderson who is the reigning Australian boy’s champion. The damage to sports and tennis in particular cannot be overlooked and it is having an effect on top players who are being forced to comment on the match fixing allegations that have plagued the tennis world for many years. The integrity of the game is at stake and the possible financial ramifications are huge as sponsors do not wnat to be associated with any sport that is embroiled in scandal.

Top players like number one ranking Andy Murray have had to comment on the issue and he was quoted as saying that the issue was known to him and that corruption in the game must be tackled. He pointed out the positive element of the latest revelation in that people are being caught and charges which is much better than a situation in which it is going on and no one is doing anything to resolve it.

Novak Djokovich also gave his reaction to the scandal and said,” Very disappointing to hear, especially considering the fact that he’s young and won the junior Grand Slam. You know, obviously the quality is there and the potential is there.”

This new scandal comes only after last year’s media allegation of match fixing that involved players that have reached the top 50.Measures were put into place to try and block any possibility of match fixing that included banning any gambling websites via public wifi at tournament and placing anti-corruption officers ant all sanctioned events.

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