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Tatts Group Launch Anti Lottoland Campaign

As we reported in earlier posts, the lottery market in Australian is experiencing a lot of shake ups. Where in the past only state governments operated lotteries, in the last few years private online lottery companies like Lottoland are proving to be a major threat to their market share and the ongoing public campaigns from both sides are getting dirtier by the day.

Reports in the Herald Sun today show that no less than three Australian state governments are looking to put restrictions on Lottoland’s business model which is based on betting on the outcome of the actual lottery results and not the lotteries themselves. The states of Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria are mulling the idea of introducing regulations like those of South Australia’s Independent Gambling Authority who have already prohibited Lottoland from offering their product in the state. The reasoning behind the decision is based on what most critics of Lottoland claim and that is that Lottoland are denying the states of tax revenues and contributions to social and community causes by the fact that they are cannibalizing regulator lotteries that are obligated by law to do so.

Lottoland’s success is the very reason why they are being targeted by land based lotteries as the threat to their existing business model is real and present.

The increasing public spats are now being taken to a new level. Lottery operator Tatts Group have just launched a “Lottoland’s Gotta Go! Campaign which is accuses them of running a “fake lotto betting”. The campaign includes commercials, posts warning customers that Lottoland does nothing to support social causes and will destroy existing lottery businesses etc.

The campaign is backed and endorsed by the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) who have even posted a message on their website offering legal assistance to any retailers participating in the campaign who are threatened by Lottoland with legal action.

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