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Switzerland Approves ISP Blocking Measure Against Unlicensed Online Gambling Operators

The lower section of the House of Representatives in Switzerland has voted in favor of a measure that would see ISP’s in the country blocking access to illegal gambling websites.

In addition to this decree, the House also approved a measure that would see only Swiss based casinos being able to receive an online licence.

Pressure has been mounting from Swiss based operators who claim that they are losing revenues to online operators.

Thiery Burkat of the centre right Radical Party said that,” blocking websites works, experience abroad demonstrates that.”

Opposition to the new measures came from the rightwing Swiss People’s Party and the leftwing Greens. Franz Grutter of the People’s Party reacted to the measures adopted by saying,” Blocking isn’t in step with the liberal, democratic way of thinking, it’s what dictatorships do.” The debate on the gambling law is set to continue on March 15.

For their part the ISP providers said that if the land based operators will be the main winners from the new measures, they should foot the bill for the extra costs incurred by the ISP’s. They also point out what many other believe in that domain-blocking systems in other countries have proven not to work effectively

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