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Swiss Voters Back Plans To Block Foreign Betting Sites

In the last few years there has been a trend of individual countries enforcing their own regulation regarding online gambling. The main reason for the increase in regulation and legislation is based on topping up the government coffers with gambling taxes and of an attempt at least to protect vulnerable players from gambling addiction.

This has been the focus of some of the largest gambling markets it the UK leading the way through aggressive legislation and enforcement by the Gambling Commission against the offenders.

Throughout Europe thee have been moves over the last few years to tighten up local regulations and compliance officers have now become the most sought after personnel for international gambling operators who rare having to adapt on a daily basis to the ever changing legal landscape.

Switzerland is one of these markets that are looking to crackdown on foreign betting sites. In the latest referendum nearly 73 percent of Swiss votes has come out in support for proposed curbing of the foreign betting sites in the country. In terms of the Gambling Act which is set to come into play next year, only certified casinos and gambling companies will be permitted to operate in Switzerland.

Opponents to the bill cited the usual claims that any attempt to block foreign betting sites amounts to a censorship of the internet and is “worthy of an authoritarian state.”

Switzerland has a population of 8.3 million citizens and according to Addiction Switzerland there are 75,000 people who suffer from gambling addcition.

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