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Sutton Reserve Goalkeeper’s Pie Eating Stunt Gets Attention Of UKGC

The astronomical amounts of money involved in sports betting has led to most large sporting organizations in the UK placing a ban on players betting on games they are involved with. This week this topic was brought into the spotlight with Sutton’s reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw who has become an online sensation.

The 23- stone goalkeeper is affectionately known as the Roly-Poly Goalie and his antics in the second half of their FA cup tie with Arsenal have now gained the not so welcome attention of the UK gambling Commission. Shaw’s PR stunt saw him eat a massive pie in the second half of their FA Cup tie after he was made aware that there  bookmakers offering 8-1 odds of him being caught on camera eating a pie during the game.

Beside the UKGC the Football Association is also considering launching a probe into Shaw and bookies Sun Bets. The UKGC were not impressed by Shaw’s antics and intelligence director Richard Watson said,” Integrity in sport is not a joke and we have opened an investigation to establish exactly what happened. As part of that we’ll be looking into any irregularity in the betting market and establishing whether the operator has met its licence requirement to conduct its business with integrity.’” Shaw denied placing a bet on the stunt and said it was all in good humor.

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