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Study Shows Women Gamble Less When Under Stress

Psychology of gamblers is always worth a look at as it gives us insight into what motivates us to gamble. A new study by Ecological Psychologist Stephanie Preston sheds some interesting light into the way men and women react differently when under stress.

The study centered on the idea that a group of 100 men and women were given a scenario in which they were told that they would have to give a presentation on their own bodies after 20 minutes of a simulated gambling game.

Researchers were interested to see which sex would cope best with their own body fears while having to still make correct decisions during the gambling game. Their ability to access the risk and act accordingly were tested.

The findings were that as the clock was winding down, the woman made better gambling decisions than the men. The men were more prone to take high risk high reward decisions which gave them a smaller chance to win. Woman opted for the less risky approach with a bigger chance of winning .Men according to Preston put themselves in a position where they could have lost everything.

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