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Study Shows Social Networks Offer Safety Net For Online Gamblers

Gambling companies spend millions of dollars on building psychological profiles of their potential clients and getting to know what motivates them to spend money is key to their long term success. The mindset of gamblers is a fascinating topic as it has direct consequences on if and why we fork out our hard earned cash.

A recent study by Dr. Eugene Chan at the University of Technology in Sydney Australia indicates a direct link between social networks like Facebook and our willingness to engage in risky activities like online gambling.

The study shows that those of us who spend time on our favorite social networks like Facebook get a sense of comfort knowing that our circle of friends are there to help us in times of needs, and will act a safety net in the event of financial losses. Chang believes that those of us actively browsing Facebook are more prone to risky behavior like binge drinking, financial risks and gambling.

Chang went on to warn Facebook users to be cautious when purchasing stocks and even suggested that governments consider implementing laws that regulate people from using online gaming and financial sites after using Facebook. It is not only Facebook that Chan warns of but also includes other social networks like Twitter and linkedin.

Author: Victor

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