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Study Shows Social Casino Monetization Dependant On Customer Service

Social casino games are all the rage on mobile devices and social networks like Facebook. With over a billion users gaming companies have one of the largest and most engagd audiences to promote their products. With free-to-play casino games featuring prominently both in the App Store and top Facebook apps, it is no wonder that revenues continue to grow and generated billions of dollars last year.

Whether it be IGT with their $500m acquisition of Double Down or Caesars with their gaming subsidiary Playtika the stakes are high to monetize these games to the maximum. It is here where companies like Traffic Generation come into play. They assemble data and analytics which are partnered with marketing tools designed to max out monetization goals. Social casino companies are in constant need for the latest trends and analytics in order to stay ahead of their rivals in this highly competitive market.

One of their recent studies shed some interesting light on the connection between customer service and monetization. Most would think that excellent customer service is important but having a high quality game is the main key to success. Well think again, as a study conducted that cross referenced direct user feedback from nearly a million social slots players on Facebook proved. The findings came up with surprising and potentially vital information for gaming developers.

One finding was that 39% of social slots players that interacted with customer service were monetizing users. This group of monetizing users made up 37% of the entire game’s total revenue. Simply put this means that customer relations could directly affect over a third of the entire game’s monetization rates.

If that’s not enough to get companies investing heavily in pleasing their customers Traffic Generation conducted their own survey on a group of 1824 social slots players. Here a whopping 35% of players said that the level of customer service by a social casino game is “extremely important to me.” A further 27% said the same thing when asked if a personal contact for the social casino game developers was important to them. Another telling point was 37% of players stated that they would play the game again should they receive good customer service from a social casino.

Traffic Generation have a detailed infographic that delves deeper into the issue. The telling conclusion of the study is that good customer service is not just an added bonus for players but a vital part of the equation when and if they decide to play a social casino game.

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