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Study Shows Link Between Gambling Addiction And Family Violence

The effects of gambling addiction can be devastating to a family but a new study from Melbourne University shows a worrying link unseen before. While economic pressures created by a gambling addict have obvious effects on a family, the study shows that nearly half of family members dealing with a problem gambler have experienced violence in the previous 12 months.

This groundbreaking study by Professor Alun Jackson has focuses on a side effect of problem gambling which has until now largely gone unreported. While previously people would assume that the main affected parties to gamblers would be their partners and spouses but the study reveal a worrying wider circle of the extended family feeling the consequences of irresponsible gambling.

The study was conducted on 120 people who all sought help for a family member caught up in an addiction cycle. It was found that violence was used by 1 in 5 people in this vicious cycle. The worrying factor was that the violence was from both the side of the gambler against his family as well as family members venting their frustration against the family member with the gambling addiction.

Professor Jackson also pointed out the lack of awareness by Support centers in dealing with the violent aspect of problem gamblers. He went on to say that the link of violence and gambling was widely ignored or remained unknown to these gambling help services. He has suggested that in order to tackle the problem effectively the entire family needs to be taken into context and not just to focus on the individual gambling addict’s issues.

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