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Study Shows It Is Wise To Gamble On An Empty Stomach

The psychological aspect of gambling is always interesting to explore as many believe that it can impact heavily on our gambling habits. In a recent study featured in the Daily Mail researchers concluded that punters who gamble on an empty stomach may well make better decisions and even appreciate long term rewards than those who are full.

The study involved 30 university students who participated in a psychology test known as the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT). The test is designed to simulate real life decision making. Another 50 students also took part in the IGT study but they were making decisions on an empty stomach. The study found that the group which was hungry were able to recognize the long term risks of losing big rewards while also making quicker decisions.

Participants in the study were asked to pick cards from a deck with each one having a different monetary value. The were four decks of cards with A and B being higher than C and D. In decks A and B the penalty cards meant that players had to return money. The players who were hungry were seen to choose cards with long term rewards over cards with short term gains.

This study is just another piece of the puzzle that explains the complex makeup of what makes some of us risk everything when gambling while others are able to enjoy a harmless flutter without any problems.

Author: Victor

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