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Sports Betting Blocked Again In New Jersey

With up to $11 billion at stake annually New Jersey is determined to get sports betting legalized in the Garden State. The battle started way back in 2011 when votes approved the notion of legal sports betting in the state. In 2012 Gov. Chris Christie approved a bill that would have legalized sports betting.

The major sporting bodies like the NBA, NFL were quick to sue and claimed that the law was a federal violation. The dire state of New Jersey’s casino and particularly Atlantic City led to desperate measures taken by Christie. Last month he signed a law that in effect repealed the ban on sports betting in New Jersey. The law would have allowed sports betting to legally take place at state run racetracks and casinos.

Once again the sporting leagues stepped in at the last moment on October 20 and got an injunction from the courts to deal the much talked about launch of sport betting. Their central claim has always been the same in that they believe that professional sports would lose their integrity if sport betting was to be permitted.

The latest development came on Friday where U.S. Federal Judge Michael Shipp blocked Christie’s law permitting sport betting at state casinos and racetracks. Judge Shipp ruled that Christie’s law was in violation off a federal stature that banned sports betting in most U.S. States. In his ruling Ship said,” This (law) necessarily results in sports wagering with the state’s imprimatur, which goes against the very goal of (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), The court has determined that the 2014 Law is invalid.”

Of course it isn’t over tell the fat lady sings and Gov. Christie is determined not to lose this crucial battle. New Jersey Senate president Stephen Sweeney was adamant that the State will continue to pursue the legalization of sports betting, He said what many believe,” The economic impact sports wagering can have on (New Jersey) is far too important.”

Added to all the legal debates is the fact that some of the biggest opponents to sports betting like NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has recently called for nationwide legislation that would legalize sports betting. We will continue to follow what could be one of the most significant legal debates affecting the U.S. gaming market in the last few years.

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