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South Africa Further Entrenches Anti Online Gambling Stance

South Africa’s battle to legalize online gambling is well documented by our team. As it stands the ruling government party ANC are determined not to allow any legislation thought that would regulate online gambling

The main supporters of legalizing internet gambling come from the opposition party, the Democratic Alliance speared by Geordin Hill-Lewis. The debate in South Africa is really a copy of the normal arguments used when deciding on regulating online gambling or not. The government insist that the damage online gambling would cause will far out way any advantages in terms of revenues it can hope to collect.

In another move to ensure the stalemate continues, The Department of Trade and Industry have called for strategies to be developed that would combat any unauthorized forms of illegal online gambling from offshore operators. A seminar in Johannesburg this week saw stakeholders including banks, regulators and academics meet to find methods to combat illegal internet gambling. One of the main claims by the Casino Association of South Africa (CASA) is that their land based operations lose at least 5% of their revenues due to illegal online gambling.

CEO of CASA Themba Ngobese went on to say that if online gambling would become legal there would be a need to ensure strict restrictions and controls remain in place. The seminar is expected to focus on the social effects on online gambling in South Africa as well as practical steps that can be put in place to ensure the ban is enforced.

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