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Son Cleared of Threatening Father After Lottery Win

The age old question if money can buy happiness is always intriguing and anyone who gambles at a casino or on a lottery could find themselves asking this exact question after a big win. A good example of this is the story of a syndicate of bus drivers who won £38 million last March. In the EuroMillions lottery. You would think that after winning over £3.1 million each, the winner’s lives and those of their families would take a turn for the better. Well think again as one of the winners Alex Robertson and his son William Robertson 35 have found out.

The trouble started when the William the son found out that his father had no intentions of sharing his £3.1 million jackpot. He even claimed that his father gave him only 200 cigarettes and not a penny of the jackpot win. It reached the point that William was arrested after his father claimed he had received threatening texts. The case got to court yesterday at the Northampton Magistrates’ Court where the son William was charged with harassment. However the case was thrown out due to the fact that the father Alex failed to appear in court and decided to stay in the Spanish resort of Benidorm where he lives.

The chairman of the bench Angus Ferris wasted no time in dismissing the case and time will tell if this family can utilize their lucky win for something positive and not let it ”rip” the family apart as claimed by one of Alex’ sons Alex Jnr.

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