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Snooker Ace Joe Perry Fined and Suspended After Breaching Betting Regulations

Match fixing in sports is nothing new and we covered the topic extensively over the last few years. Whether it be tennis, football or basketball the billions involved in the outcome of sporting events is often too much of a temptation for players to resist.

The idea of a professional sports player being able to influence the results of games they are participating in themselves has got regulators of the sporting bodies imposing strict regulations on any form of betting that is allowed.

The latest story which has popped up is with the 42 year old Englishman Joe Perry who ranks at no. 22 in the snooker rankings. He has been fined and suspended for three months from snooker for breaking betting rules. According to reports he placed over 20 bets from the period of 2009-2013 and was using five different accounts that were registered in his name.

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) has fined Perry £2,500. While the allegations are serous, Perry is not been accused of betting in matches where he participated which could have seen him get a lifetime ban. In addition investigators did not find any evidence of match fixing whatsoever.

According to the WPBSA ,” The facts of the case are that between 23rd September 2009 and 3rd June 2013 Mr Perry placed 193 bets on snooker with 5 different online betting operators. None of these bets involved his own matches, but it did include bets on matches in tournaments Mr Perry competed in.”

The amounts in question were also small with a total value of £2,806.49 over the four-year period where he made an overall profit of £832.09.They added in a statement ,” There is no suggestion whatsoever that Mr Perry was doing anything to influence match outcomes or engaged in any corrupt activity, he was solely betting on snooker.”

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