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Smoking Ban Threatens Mega Casino In Madrid

The global economic slowdown has hit Europe hard and Spain is a good example of how difficult it is for the governments to revive their economy. While casinos often get a bad rap there is no denying that the resorts and hotels associated with mega casinos create real employment opportunities and provide much needed income to governments.

With this in mind Madrid is pressuring Spain’s central government to complete the much talked about Eurovegas resort which is set to include 12 hotels, shops and six casinos, This would help one of the country’s hardest hit areas to provide vital employment.

The deal is with the Las Vegas Sands headed up by gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson. There have been delays in the deal due to Adelson’s insistence that smoking be allowed. In 2011 the Spanish government put anti-smoking laws into play which prevents smoking in public and includes bars, discos and of course casinos.While this may seem a small point to outsiders, Adelson stated that he is waiting for an answer from the Spanish government to overturn the smoking ban before going ahead.

The ban on smoking in casinos means that gamblers would have to go outside to smoke which is known to have a serious impact on the casinos takings.

Madrid president Ignacio Gonzalez told Onda Cero Radio,” We must do everything in our power to prevent a deal like Eurovegas slipping through our fingers.”

While both sides are adamant to stick to their positions it would be highly unlikely that a compromise would not be reached with billions at stake for both sides.

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