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Smartphones Contributing To Problem Gambling Amongst Young Audience

The founder of Apple Steve Jobs will go down as a visionary and trendsetter for our generation. The introduction of the first iPhone in July 2009 by Apple changed the way billions of us interact online. The fact that smartphone technology became user friendly and even trendy thanks to the iPhone has got to go down as one of the major technology revolutions in past decades.

For the gambling world mobile devices have meant that we all now have the ability to walk around with a portable casino. Mobile gambling has the upper hand in comparison to old PC gambling as we are free to gamble whenever we so wish with a device that performs every function our obsoleted home computers could do.
Needless to say the proliferation of smartphones and tablets is particularly prevalent amongst the younger generation. This has now got some gambling opponents worried as there are growing research trends that are showing that there is a rise in problematic gamblers using smartphones.

A report in the Telegraph looks into the issue of problematic gamblers between the ages of 18-to 35 year olds. According to the article over 5,000 people between the ages of 18 to 35 have contacted a gambling helpline in the last year.

Another worrying statistic is the increase in calls from this these age groups to the helpline Gamcare. While there were a total of 8,813 people who contacted Gamcare last year, there was a worrying increase of 6 percent in the calls from 18 to 35 year old. The most telling figure was that this age group accounted for 63% of all calls to Gamcare.

Gambling addiction is a nationwide concern in Britain and the last national survey showed that 451,000 people has some sort of gambling problem. Needless to say this figure has increased and authorities will have to monitor the worrying trend in order to ensure a healthy gambling industry that benefits all sides.

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