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SkyCity Casino Under Fire For Free-To-Play Casino Offering

The popularity of free-to-play online casino games has got many concerned to the true motives behind these games. While at first glance free-to-play online casino games seem to be just harmless fun, many opponents of gambling believe that these games act as a Trojan horse. The real purpose according to them is to entice non gamblers into the real money gambling world by giving them a free taste of what the real thing would taste like. They back this up by pointing out that these games look and feel exactly lie their real money counterparts.

One such argument is going on in New Zealand at the moment. Casino operator SkyCity Entertainment is coming under fire from the CEO of the Problem Gambling Foundation. Graeme Ramsey was quick to accuse SkyCity of “pure promotion” and accused them of using a misleading “way to try and reach out with a new form of advertising.”

SkyCity were of course quick to refute the allegations n pointes out certain safeguard put in place, These included limiting free credit to twice a day only. They went on to day,” SkyCity has not advertised the site beyond its existing customer base and has no plans to move to a ‘real money’ gaming site – indeed, while thousands of such overseas sites are available to Kiwis at the click of a mouse, New Zealand-based gaming operators are prohibited by law from offering for-money online casino play.”

Author: Victor

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