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Sheldon Adelson’s Millions Will Not Help Bill Get Passed

The anti-online gambling lobby in the U.S has seemingly got a lot going for it. First and foremost they have one of the richest men in the world backing them. Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition Against online Gambling along with the Restoration of America Act sponsored by Senator Lindsey Graham and Jason Chaffetz has seemingly gained momentum.

However the reality is that in order for the proposed legislation to pass there is a long process including getting past the Committee, the Bill passing both the House and the Senate and finally been signed by the President. The tracking of this process is arduous and is done by sites like

According to them the chances of the of the Bill even passing the Committee are only 40 percent as only about 11 percent of bills actually make it past the committee. The chance of it been enacted are even lower at around 8 percent as statistics show only about 3 percent of bills were enacted between 2011-2013.

Another factor which may defy Adelson’s millions is the fact that currently there is not much incentive for legislators to take a stance on a highly controversial issue as online gambling has not exactly spread across the U.S. With only three states operating internet gambling it is not a burning issue for legislators to take a stance. It remains to be seen if the millions spent lobbying by pro online ga1mbling interests like MGM and Caesars will triumph over casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson and his politically backed cronies.

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