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Sheldon Adelson Leading Opposition To Legalizing Marijuana In Las Vegas

Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson is funding a new battle which sees to block the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Nevada. There is a state ballot on November 8 which could see an Amsterdam- style cannabis district coming to Las Vegas.

What has got Sheldon Adelson all worried is the real threat that Las Vegas who has over 42 million tourists annually could well become a tourist attraction for marijuana tourists. The thinking is that many including the millennial audiences are already difficult to target in traditional casinos. The option of legal marijuana will make it that much difficult for casinos to compete for the same dollar. Added to that is that people might opt to visit a marijuana coffee shop instead of having a pricy drink at the many casinos and nightclubs. Sheldon Adelson is a staunch opponent of the idea as his son died of a drug overdose and his wife specializes in drug addiction.

Supporters of the idea point out that tourism spiked in states like Colorado where marijuana is legal. The issue is highly contentious to the casino industry in Vegas as their main market are middle aged tourists. Adelson has put in $2 million to fund the anti-legalization of Marijuana in Nevada which is in addition to the $1.5 million he has contributed in other states like Massachusetts and Arizona.

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