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Sheldon Adelson Accused Of Having Links With Asian Organized Crime

Gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson is no stranger to controversy and seems to enjoy being in the spotlight. Whether it be his strong political opinions at home or abroad the old fox is without a doubt a polarizing figure. The latest controversy is concerning a sealed report that allegedly ties his company Las Vegas Sands Corp. to organized crime in Asia.

Adelson is under fire from both a nonprofit group at home as well as a news organization who are looking for a Nevada judge to lift the seal of a report compiled by a private investigator Steve Vickers who speciality is to look into organized crime related to the Chinese Triads.

The nonprofit organization called the Campaign for Accountability are looking for full disclosure as they believe some of the millions of dollars that Adelson has used to fund Republican causes could well be related to illegal activity abroad in Asia.

The director of the nonprofit organization Anne Weismann was quoted as saying her group’s suspicions are based on “what we know about what the report was supposed to accomplish.” She said the report’s author, private investigator Steve Vickers, specialized in looking into organized crime activity by Chinese triads.”

A spokesman for the Las Vegas Sands refused to comment on the issue. Arguments are expected to be heard by Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez. This whole media storm that has erupted goes back to 2010 when Adelson fired Steven Jacobs who was the then CEO of Sands China. At the time Jacobs claimed that the reason for his firing was that he was exposing wrongdoings in Adelson’s company. In response Adelson insisted at the time that Jacobs was fired for cause.

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