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Sen. Pam Roach Wants Legal Fantasy Sports Betting In Washington

Super Bowl fever is at it its height and millions of fans enjoy fantasy sports betting as part of their overall viewing experience. In the U.S. fantasy sports betting is legal in 45 states as it is considered a game of skill. In Washington, Louisiana, Montana, Iowa and Arizona fantasy sports betting is still illegal.

With the Seahawks taking on the New England Patriots on Sunday in Arizona the debate over fantasy sports betting is heating up. Montana and Iowa have already bills pending that would legalize fantasy sports betting. Washington led by state Sen. Pam Roach has joined the group by asking her legislative colleagues to define fantasy sports as a game of skill.

Roach believes that fantasy football requires an understanding on various factors such as player’s abilities and individual matchups. Roach was quick to point out that she was not looking to expand gambling and said,” We don’t want to expand gambling. That’s not what this bill is about.”

Roach believes that there are over half a million Washington resident who play on fantasy sports sites. The big winners of the possible legalization of fantasy sports betting in Washington are DraftKings and FanDuel who currently have to comply with the state’s restrictions on fantasy sports.

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