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Sen. McCain Boosts Poker App Downloads and Own Popularity

As we reported yesterday, Sen. John McCain’s mobile poker “mishap” has placed a lighter side to the ongoing Senate hearings on the possible attack n Syria. The publicity is having ripple effect of which a lot of them are positive and helpful both to McCain and to mobile gambling as well. While McCain has managed to turn what could have been a major blunder into a successful public relations victory, it seems that the iPhone app that McCain was playing has benefited from the unexpected endorsement of the Senator.

A report on TMZ stats that that a rep for the company behind VIP Poker which McCain was playing has enjoyed a 30% increase since the incident on Tuesday. According to the rep,” Senator McCain has great taste in mobile apps.”

The publicity that VIP Poker is receiving due to Sen. John McCain is something they could not have planned better. It seems that all sides are winners with McCain enjoying widespread positive attention for his humorous reaction to what could have been a major scandal in other circumstances. The decision by the President of the United States to send troops into harm’s way is no laughing matter and had Sen. McCain not being actively involved in the Senate Hearing he may well have felt the wrath of the US public.

With him managing to show a more human side to politicians he is enjoying a boost in popularity that all his campaign advisers in the previous election campaign would have given anything for. To add to this ongoing story the Senator even joked to TMZ that Angry Birds isn’t worth his time.Unknowingly Sen.McCain has managed to give an unintended endorsement for the legitimization of online poker in the US.

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