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Saudi Heiress Blames Loss Of Millions On Gambling Addiction

The age old question as to why some of us need to challenge our luck in gambling is always interesting to analyze. Many claim to gamble as a way to solve all their problems with the help of a jackpot win that will change their lives.

However a story involving a Saudi heiress offers insight into why certain personalities are drawn to gambling. Despite being richer than any of us could ever dream of, 47 year-old Noora Al-Daher, a Saudi heiress has been in a legal battle over a £2m million gambling spree at the Ritz in London in 2012.

Apparently this is small change for Al-Daher as only two months after her loss in the Ritz she squandered another £3m in Las Vegas. Being married to the Foreign Minister of Oman and coming for a wealthy Saudi family, Al-Daher has earned a reputation for being quite the spender in casinos. Even before the £2m incident at the Ritz in April 2012 she was notorious for spending fortunes.

The 2012 incident saw her spend over £1,7m in a matter of hours before getting her credit extended. The problem arose when some of her checks bounced which led to the Ritz taking legal action to reclaim the £1m in unpaid debts.

Al-Daher tried to get out of paying her gambling debts by blaming the casino for allowing her to continue to gamble. In the court case she claimed she suffered from gambling addiction from 1999 and the casino staff “positively encouraged” her to continue gambling.

The judge was having none of it and was rather scathing regarding Al- Daher’s claims that the casino was to blame. He said what many believe the reason to be why a lot of wealthy people gamble,” The scale of her wealth … is an inescapable feature of this case, as is the fact that, for those with the means to do so, it may be acceptable, or even enjoyable, to ride the roller coaster of losses. Al –Daher was ordered to pay the 1 million pounds back plus interest.

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