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Saudi Clerics Declare Pokemon Go Forbidden Gambling

The global phenomenon of Pokemon Go has got millions around the globe chasing virtual characters to the amazement and bewilderment to many who are not part of the global craze.

The Pokemon Go mobile application has become so popular that it has led Saudi Arabia’s top clerics to declare it a violation of Islamic code and equates it to gambling. Back in 2001 when Pokemon was played with cards the Saudi clerics came out forbidding the playing of the game claiming that there were Mason like symbols and violated the Islamic prohibition against gambling.

Fifteen years later the same clerics are equating the updated Pokemon Go version to the original and have issued the edict on the Kingdoms portal for official religious decrees.

The clerics went on to call the six pointed star used in the game as an image associated with the state of Israel and crosses that appear as a symbol of Christianity. The premise that Pokemon Go encourages gambling is based on the fact that players can purchase in game currency with real money.

Despite the opposition to Pokemon GO in the Middle East it remains highly popular despite not officially been released there. Other religious leaders in Egypt have also come out against the game claiming that a “ manic attachment to technology” can also make people forgetful toward worship and prayer.

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