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Sands’ Employees Tell Adelson To Stay Out Of Politics And Stick To Gambling

The fallout from the breach in security of Sheldon Adelson’s Sands’ Hotels is still being felt. Amongst those hardest hit are the employees themselves. The worst nightmare facing most of us is that of identity theft. It has now been confirmed that employee in formation including social security numbers were obtained by hackers.

A report in shows just how peed off the Sands employees are at the identity theft. Worried employees were furious at Adelson for mixing up politics with gambling. As reported just before the websites went down Adelson was pictured alongside Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with slogans depicting his support for Israel’s anti-Iran stance.

One employee was quoted as saying,” Sheldon Adelson should just shut up and run his casinos instead of spouting off about world politics and causing all this trouble for his employees.” Another furious employee added his thoughts,” Because of him (Adelson), my social security number was posted online for the world to see and who knows who saw it and what they’re going to do with it. I’m terrified. My identity could be stolen. The Sands has offered all employees who had their social security numbers posted so-called ‘identity theft protection’ but a lot of good that does you after the fact.”

Adelson himself can afford the bad publicity as he is still the top casino mogul in the world and is worth of $37 billion. The problem lies with his employees who are not interested in playing politics but rather just surviving. One Sands employee summed up their general feelings,” Adelson says something stupid and the hackers are taking it out on us by posting our social security numbers. We’re the ones who are going to get hurt–the employees–not him. We’re the ones living paycheck to paycheck. He’s a billionaire.”

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