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Ron Paul Attacks Sheldon Adelson’s Anti Online Gambling Stance

Gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson is never far away from controversy. Being one of the most powerful people in the gambling industry means that he has the ability to fund any campaign that furthers his interests. Adelson’s much talked about Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling has got many pointing out the hypocrisy of a man who is looking to get online gambling banned.

For outsiders looking into the complex works of gambling, Adelson’s motives for wanting to ban online gambling are pretty clear. He interest is that casino patrons continue to visit the brick and mortar casinos in which he has such a vested interest. Online gambling options are seen by Adelson as a threat to his land casinos as many would opt to gamble on their mobile devices or online given the chance.

Others criticize Adelson for using his billions to back politician in Washington who are acting as puppets for Adelson. An op-ed piece by former Rep. Ron Paul is pretty scathing on Adelson who Paul believes is “using his political influence to turn his online competitors into criminals.”

The legislation Paul is referring to is the bills proposed by Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Jason Chaffetz which are aimed at re-instating the Wire Act of 1961 which in effect bans online gambling.

Paul points out that legislators are less concerned about the dangers of legalizing online gambling and more interested in finding favor with a wealthy political donors like Adelson. It is no secret that Adelson donated over $100 million to Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign.

According to Paul the banning of online gambling will result in criminals enjoying the benefits of billions of dollars in revenues,” But criminalizing online casinos will not eliminate the demand for online casinos. Instead, passage of this legislation will likely guarantee that the online gambling market is controlled by criminals. Thus, it is those who support outlawing online gambling who may be aiding criminals and terrorists.”

Paul’s opinion is interesting as he believes that the debate over legalizing online gambling goes way further than just moral issues but is a threat to all of our liberties.

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