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Research Shows Skill Plays Factor In Poker Success

The question over whether the game of poker is based on skill or chance has serious legal ramifications for individual players as well as gaming companies. In many countries like the U.S and the UK the element of skill in a game precludes it from the definition of gambling and makes it legal to play. This on the one hand is excellent news for players looking to legally enjoy poker but also might prompt government to think of taxing poker revenues from “skilled players.”

Researchers from the University of Nottingham along with colleagues from Erasmus University Rotterdam and VU University Amsterdam have come up with some interesting findings showing that poker is more of a skill based game. They based their findings on over 456 million poker hands from a year’s worth of online games. The main finding was that the top 10 percent of players that fared well in the first six months of laying were likely to do so in the next six months as well.

With billions of pounds wagered in online poker rooms, these findings could prompt legislation that would enable the taxman to enjoy the fruits of a poker players skills. The study found that the longer the skilled players played the better they fared at least 75 percent of the time. As we said this type of research is a double edged sword it could lead to poker being declared legal and not gambling while at the same time compelling players to hand over taxes to the government.

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