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Report Warns Of More Dangerous And Sophisticated DDoS Attacks In 2014

The worrying phenomena of Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a growing threat to all online websites. Online gambling sites have been hit hard in the last six months with Sheldon Adelson’s Sands’ sites going down for a week. The threat of DDoS attacks are a clear and present danger. Last year we reported on the growing occurrences of online gambling sites being blackmailed by hackers. The method of extortion is simple, hackers threaten a website with a DDoS attack if they do not pay vast sums of money.

To recap a DDoS attack simply means that the particular website is flooded with thousands of requests which can result in the site crashing or going offline. Needless to say this can cripple any online gambling operation and is a nightmare for operators. The threat is real yet the culprits are invisible.

A new report conducted by Incapsula’s research team paints a worrying picture for the future trends in DDoS attacks. They found that these attacks are not only not slowing down but are getting more sophisticated and are increasing rapidly in numbers. Over the past year the attacks have reached all-time highs with one in every three attacks exceeding the 20 Gbps. With increased internet speed the attackers are able to flood the network with massive amounts of data that cripple the website.

Another worrying finding was that over 80 percent of DDoS attacks now employ multiple methods to cause havoc which includes targeting multiple resources, creating smokescreens and bypassing the normal preventive measures. If that’s not enough to get you worried then there is evidence that DDoS bots are getting more sophisticated and smarter causing major headaches for IT solution providers.

The pool of botnets comes from various countries with India and China topping the list with over 9 percent of attacks each. Other countries include the U.S., Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam and Peru.

The biggest danger of DDoS attacks is not what you see but rather what is hidden. Although we know where the physical resources used to launch these attacks are situated, most of the attackers themselves conduct these attacks remotely. Locating the perpetrators of these online heists is increasingly more difficult and with DDoS attacks growing in sophistication, the online world including the multibillion dollar gambling world will have to keep on their toes if they don’t want to become the next victim.

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