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Report Shows Legalising Sports Betting In New Jersey Would Not Hurt Mob

The state of New Jersey is taking the lead in the U.S. when it comes to online gambling. Besides being the largest and most lucrative online poker market, they also have their secret weapon in Gov. Chris Christie. Love him or hate him you cannot ignore hos presence and his support for legalizing online gambling in well documented. Added to that is State Senator Ray Lesniak who wants to make New Jersey a global gambling hub and you have the dream team.

Sports betting is a major market in the U.S. and Gov. Christie is determined to get on the bandwagon. As previously reported he has taken the case for legalizing sports betting all the way to the Supreme Court where it will be decided in the coming months if New Jersey will be able to offer another first for its residents. An interesting report in CBS discussed the possible effects of legalizing sports betting on the mob.

While most of us think that organized crime would have a lot to lose if the state legalized sports betting, the reality is quite different. Industry experts point out that the legalization of sports betting could be a win-win for all sides. The state could enjoy millions in tax revenues and the mob will continue largely unaffected. Those familiar with the inner circle of the world of illegal sports betting know all to well that most of the customers are not your regular middle class couple but rather those who do not have money to gamble and rely on credit from bookies to feed their habit.

Another former bookmaker, John Alite who worked for the mob for 20 year expressed his attitude to the possible legalizing of sports betting,” If that can help people in the community for their taxes, roads, the infrastructure of whatever goes on in Jersey, why not,” he said. “Gambling’s going on anyway. No one’s ever gonna stop it.” They won’t even put a dent in it.”

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