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Report Released By UKGC Shows Less Young People Gambling

The dangers of underage children being exposed to gambling is a major point of contention for the UKGC. Under sustained pressure for the government the UKGC is continuously looking to crackdown on shady methods employed by operators in exposing underage children to gambling problems.

Today the UKGC released findings of a survey conducted by Ipsos Mori that explored the gambling activity of individuals aged 11-16 in Scotland, England and Wales.

It was find that 12%of those surveyed had gambled in some form in the last week. This is an improvement from the previous year which was 16% and way less that the 23% surveyed in 2011. Those who admitted gambling were found to have wagered around £10.

This latest survey was conducted in Wales, Scotland and England while the previous study was only in England and Wales and was for players between ages of 12-15. This could explain the figure of 0.9% of respondents who were considered problem gamblers which is twice more than the 0.4% reported in 2016.

Most common form of gambling were fruit machines found in pubs and arcades where 4% of youth were found to be participating with. This was followed by scratchcards, playing card and the lotto. When it came to online gambling only 1% of respondents did this. About 7% of respondents used their parents or guardians account to gamble online but a 88% of these were actually given permission to so by their parents or guardians.

Around 11% of respondents engage in free-to-play casino games which have often been blamed for luring future players into the gambling world. The media had a lot to answer for when it came to exposing gambling as 80% of respondents admitted to having seen gambling ads on television. Social media also featured prominently with 70% of respondents being exposes to gambling ads.

Executive director of the UKGC Tim Miller pointed out the fact that most of the unwarranted exposure for gambling to underage players was not coming from operators but “ many children’s experiences of gambling-style activities are coming from the playground, the games console or social media rather than the bookmaker, the casino or the gambling website.”

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