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Report Confirms Trend Towards Mobile Gaming And Away From PC

Anyone involved in the online gambling world is well aware that mobile is king. Ever since the first iPhone was released on July 2007 the way we interact online has been revolutionized. The fact that almost everyone has portable devices that are more powerful  than our pc’s means that we are always just a touch away from our nearest casino.

Both social networks and online gaming developers are heavily vested in the mobile sector as there is a consensus that this is the way of the future. Those who do not adapt to consumer demand have simply no chance of competing in the competitive world of online gaming.

A report by German-based confirms this trend with data released. The overall trend according to the report is that of consumers moving away from PC’ s towards online and mobile games in particular.

In Europe the UK led the spending rates on digital game content while Germany took the top spot for leading country by average monthly revenue per user. In the UK over 20% of the population have or do use online gaming, There mobile devices were growing in popularity and tablets were the preferred choice for over a third of online gamers.  Another fact is that 50% of tablet owners engaged in games. Russia saw a big spike in online gambling in 2013 with a growth rate of more than 20% with mobile gamers expecting to top 60 million by 2016.

In South Africa the gaming revenues are expected to rise by a few percentage points annually between 2013 -2017 and like other countries mobile gaming is gaining in popularity. France is another country that recorded impressive growth in online gambling as revenues there increased by over 10% in 2013. There the PC still was the main source of online gaming followed by the smartphone.

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