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Report Claims Legal Sports Betting In US Would Boost NFL

The debate over how legalized sports betting will affect professional sports like the NFL is always heated. Many purists believe that when money is involved in sports it runs the integrity of the sport and opens the doors for all sorts of manipulations and corruption.

However most thinking people are well aware of the act that whether you like it or not professional sport leagues like the NFL are multibillion dollar corporations and billions are wagered whether in the form of DFS or illegal sport betting operators.

The correlation between NFL regular season viewing and  sports betting was the subject of a study commissioned by the American Gaming Association via Nielsen Sports. The study surveyed 1000 respondents over the age of 18 and an additional 500 pre-qualified NFL bettors. The findings showed that bettors watched an average of 19 additional NFL games during the 2015 season compared to the non-bettors. Betters also watched an average of 11 minutes more on NFL games compared to non-bettors.

Most interesting Nielsen concluded that should sports betting be legalized in the US, NFL regular season viewers would spike from 40m to 57m. More so bettors would make up 36% of the NFL viewing audience and consume 56% of all viewing minutes.

Other findings were music to the ears of advertisers and included the fact that sports bettors watch more TV at any time of the week that non bettors and a whopping 65% of them are likely to discuss the game via social media if they have a wager on the game. When it comes to DFS, the actual real money wagering on NFL games was three times as popular despite the NFL actively promoting DFS.

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