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Recent Poll Shows 70 Percent of Massachusetts Voters Oppose Offering Online Lottery Sales

The debate over whether to allow state lotteries in the U.S to expand their offering to online versions is always interesting to follow. Many of the same arguments both supporting and opposing the idea are often used for land based casinos looking to expand online.

In Massachusetts a recent poll conducted by Princeton Research Associates on behalf of a coalition of business owners who are wary of losing money if online lottery sales are permitted. It found that 70 percent of Massachusetts voters would not support legislation that would legalize online lottery tickets sales.

Only 5 percent said they very strongly supported the idea to include internet games and 7 percent said they support the proposal “somewhat” strongly.

Reaction to the poll quick to come by interested parties like the New England Convenience Store and Energy Marketers Association which represents convenience stores. Their executive director Joanne Mendes said they were heartened by the poll as it shows the public are skeptical about an online lottery. She went on to add that she hopes the poll will go a long way in “educating lawmakers on how the public feels.”

Proponents of online lottery sales point out that lottery sales have fallen 16 percent between 2008 and 2015. State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg is pushing for legalizing online lottery sales and believes that it is the only way to reach the youngest markets. She said,” it’s the future and we need to face it.”

The state relies on revenues from the lottery which last fiscal year amounted to $980 million and was used to fund social causes like local aid for police, firefighters, education.

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