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Real Money Mobile Gaming With New Startup Skillz

With the era of the PC becoming extinct, mobile devices are fast becoming the standard medium for online interaction. There is no way the PC can compete with convenience and availability of pocket sized devices that enable us to perform any online transaction we could need. There is widespread consensus that the largest growth area for gaming developers is the mobile sector. Until now the major issue for developers has been the ability to monetize their games and make a few bucks.

A telling statistic is that in 2012 over half of mobile revenues went to the top 25 development studios while leaving over 80% of developers to fight for scraps. Even worse in order to monetize games developers are having to incorporate annoying ads into their games which hardly improves the player’s gaming experience.

The current status is being challenged by a San Francisco startup called Skillz. This new startup has the potential to change the way mobile gaming is approached. While everyone is aware that real money online casino games are still largely restricted in the U.S. and other countries, this status quo does not apply to games that rely on skill. This subtle but significant difference in reality means that in the U.S. alone real money betting for games of skill is fully legal. In fact games of skill are legal in over 36 states. The numbers are varied but we are talking about an industry that could generate literally billions of dollars.

The ways Skillz works is surprisingly simple. There are basically 4 simple steps:
1.    Developers integrate Skillz in their exiting games in less than an hour
2.    Gamers create a Skillz account
3.    Players get to compete in a variety of cash or free tournaments.
4.    Developers earn revenue for every cash tournament while players have the option of withdrawing their cash any time.

Skillz currently claim to reach over 25 million mobile gamers and are a sure bet to grow. CEO and Founder Andrew Paradise summed up the rationale behind their startup,” There’s a sweet spot in between betting, real money gaming, and mobile gaming. There’s a lot of thirst for betting in games of chance, but we see this great need for games of skill, as well.”

While only just opening up shop, Skillz is definitely a startup to watch as they could well give casino based mobile games a run for their money.

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