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Poll Shows That Majority of NFL Fans Support Legalizing Sports Betting

The debate of legalizing sports betting in the U.S. is always interesting to follow. As we have reported extensively the major sports leagues have been inconsistent with their approach to the issue but in recent years important figures like that of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver have opted for the more pragmatic approach as they realize that you won’t stop sports fans from betting, the only question is will the billions go to state coffers or to illegal bookies.

A recent poll commissioned by the American Gaming Association and conducted by Morning Consult  shows that the majority of fans of NFL teams say that they would be in favor of a change that legalizes sports betting. The poll was conducted with over 40,000 NFL fans over two weeks at the end of 2016. The poll also found that a large portion of NFL team fans would be likely to bet on the NFL if it was legal to do so in their state. Also if sports betting was legal more NFL team fans would follow, enjoy and engage the NFL when betting.

The NFL has come under fire for their mixed stance on legalizing sports betting. On one hand they claim that they are concerned with the integrity of the sport yet on the other hand have partnerships with DFS companies like FanDuel who offer millions of dollars as prizes for participating in fantasy sport leagues.

The move of the Raiders to Las Vegas is also a sign that perhaps the NFL is looking to a regulated sports betting market like Nevada as the model to be used throughout the US. This comes despite the fact that  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was adamant that the league still opposes legalized sports betting but went on to say that the regulated environment of Nevada “could be beneficial” to game integrity.

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